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18th Annual Success Canada Forum (Spring)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

The event was well organized,excellent venue. This is the best fair ever since I started to come to BKK SCF, good traffic and students. Very positive atmosphere,thank you Art and team for a well-organized event. Great event and enjoyed opportunity to connect with students and parents. Always great. Good steady. Fantastic!,great atmosphere,thank you Art for your excellent organization. Very nice,relaxed, as always this fair is well organized,Art makes it very simple,I believe that each year gets bigger and better in terms of quality and quantity of visitors. Excellent services. I like the format and the fair time,very efficient use of the time alloted. Energetic and packed with people. Excellent,everything about the forum was excellent. Thank you for organizing an excellent event and for promoting Canada and its education in Thailand. Great venue,nice size,good lighting and sufficient seating for students and parents. A worthwhile event,a little slower in the afternoon but good engagement with families overall. Thank you Art for the arrangements made for this event, much appreciated. Very enthusiastic and upbeat, families were engaged with high level of interests. Great atmosphere, relaxed, not too busy, not too slow, great organization and flow, thanks for all your hard work to make this a successful event! See you next time.

I was overwhelmed and appreciative for all great comments from all participating institutions, it was extremely successful Success Canada Forum BKK , superb in all counts and so many attendees during five hours as market is growing for Canadian education and we have executed our marketing plan geared towards social network along with usual advertisements so it was perfectly executed this past Sunday. Success Canada Services/Overall organization/Venue of the fair and Overall experiences all scored highest most in excellent category by 17 participants consisted of finest high schools, colleges and universities in Canada including top two U. of Toronto and UBC. Thanks to all Canadian representatives participated this past Sunday in this bi-annual forum and it was our 18th major event always organized successfully since our establishment of Success Canada and now moving on to October, it will be our 19th Success Canada Forum in BKK and hoping for another great success in our tradition of excellent quality you can always trust.

Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018

Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018

Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018

Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018

Mar. 4, 2018   Mar. 4, 2018

Education Exhibitions & Information Sessions

Success Canada Day in BKK
March 25, 2018
at the Renaissance Bangkok hotel

Another successful seminar but fewer than expected attendees due to local school holidays and may possibly held too soon as our fair was held earlier this month, they came to learn more about Canadian education and our Success members including participating institutions at our BKK SCF three weeks ago. They all have been informed about our upcoming OCT.7 BKK SCF.

March 25, 2018   March 25, 2018   March 25, 2018   March 25, 2018 @ Chiangmai University
March 23-24, 2018
Education Exhibition Day at the University

Promoting Canada and its education including our's members at Chiangmai University's Job & Education Day on March 23-24,2018 in which more than 250 students attended. Another successful event of our participation in various activities and exhibitions throughout the year.

March 23-24, 2018   March 23-24, 2018   March 23-24, 2018   March 23-24, 2018   March 23-24, 2018

Success Canada Exhibition
@ Mahidol University, Nakorn Pathom
Education Day at ICT
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 31, 2018

Promoting Canadian education and our members in which more than 550 students came to attend to find out information about study abroad and for Canada at our table. Well attended than earlier years and it was very good to start off the first month of the year of exhibitions with great fanfare at this number one University in Thailand.

Jan. 31, 2018   Jan. 31, 2018   Jan. 31, 2018   Jan. 31, 2018   Jan. 31, 2018   Jan. 31, 2018

Jan. 31, 2018   Jan. 31, 2018

Success Canada Exhibition
@ Assumption School Bangkok
Education Day
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 24, 2018 Canadian Education Office in Thailand has participated in a very successful education day with more than 300 students at one of the top public schools in Bangkok. The exhibition has attracted considerable number of students and more than we expected which will lead up to our upcoming BKK SCF on March 4. All in all it was a very successful day to promote Canadian education and our members including our upcoming Mar. 4 BKK SCF in Bangkok

Jan. 24, 2018   Jan. 24, 2018   Jan. 24, 2018   Jan. 24, 2018   Jan. 24, 2018   Jan. 24, 2018

BRENTWOOD COLLEGE SCHOOL information session
SATURDAY, JAN.20, 2018
@Renaissance Bangkok Hotel Canadian Education Office in Thailand has organized a very successful information session at the Renaissance Bangkok Hotel for BRENTWOOD College School located in Victoria, British Columbia on Jan.20, 2018. It was a very successful session with almost 20 focus attendees of students and parents from original registered only two. The presentation and personal chats with audiences were made by Clayton Johnston, Director of Admissions of BRENTWOOD College School.

Jan. 20, 2018   Jan. 20, 2018   Jan. 20, 2018   Jan. 20, 2018   Jan. 20, 2018   Jan. 20, 2018

Jan. 20, 2018

Special Recommendation Education Agents (SRA) is proud to renewed and awarded our certificates of quality for the year 2018 & 2019 to these finest certified education agents - APEX EDUCATION CONSULTANT / iSTUDYCANADA / OVERSEAS ED GROUP/ MASTERY/ REGENCY TRAVEL & EDUCATION / MOTIVE / STUDY WIZ / BRIGHTER FUTURE(KAS) / EDNET BRIGHT / MY EXPERIENCE / THE BEST as our Special Recommendation Education Agents (SRA) in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiangmai area. These education agents have passed our screening procedures for quality services to Thai students who are interested in studying in Canada and have worked with us and/or have known about their reputation for years.

Pictures: ART CHANOVAN, M.D. of with SIRIDHORN SORNTARIT, Apex's M.D. / PRAYOTE SANGUANPIYAPAND, iStudyCanada's Director / TONGCHIT LAWVINITNUN, OEG's M.D. / PATAMAPORN HUDAKORN, Mastery's Director / PIMPRAPAI SINSAWASDI, Regency's Director / SASIPA THAINUKUL, Motive's Director / SUCHITRA MAHAGUNA, Studywiz's M.D. / MANUSNAN PREMKITIKARN, Brighter Future (KAS)'s Director / TOUCH PLIANKHAM, EdnetBright's G.M. / DUANGJAI SRISAWAT, Service Links' Counselor/ ORATHAI KULVIJIT, My Experience's M.D. / VARINTORN NONTATHAM, The Best's M.D

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